Spring bicycle check-up

Drei Studierende fahren mit dem Fahrrad in kurzer Hose durch die Stadt

Your bike deserves spring-cleaning as well! Our bicycle check-up helps you to start into the bike season smoothly.

Get your bike ready for spring!

The temperatures outside are increasing, the sun is smiling more often again. Spring seems to finally arrive! This means that the bike season has started now at the latest. 

After a longer winter break during which you probably rode your bike on wet streets and dirty paths, you should pay a little attention to your bike: The chain might be rusty, the tyres want to be filled with air again and the frame is covered with a thick layer of dust. 

For those who have not done it yet: Now is the time for your bike to get a spring-cleaning or, to phrase it more professionally, for the bicycle check-up: cleansing, maintenance and – if necessary – repairs in order to feel safe on the road. 

Use our checklist for this!