Information on the Deutschlandticket

The Deutschlandticket can be purchased from 3 April and is valid throughout the whole country on local transport from 1 May. The Leipziger Verkehrsbetriebe (LVB) are offering an upgrade function to students owning a semester ticket. The following amounts are then to be paid proportionally per month:

  • 21.50 euros for the months of summer semester 2023
  • 19.83 euros for the months of winter semester 2023/24

All information from the LVB have been gathered in the following guideline (only available in German):

Questions about the refund of the semester fee? You can find answers on our page "Exemption from Payment of the Semester Fee and Reimbursement"  or further down on this page in the details on the MDV-Semesterticket.

MDV Semester Ticket

The MDV semester ticket entitles students to use busses and trains within the MDV transport network region (see map below). Apart from means of transport in the inner city circle of Leipzig and Halle, seven S-Bahn lines, numerous regional railway and regional express lines as well as around 500 bus and PlusBus lines can be taken.

The MDV semester ticket is valid for students of the following universities/academies:

  • Universität Leipzig (Leipzig University)
  • Hochschule für Technik, Wirtschaft und Kultur Leipzig (Leipzig University of Applied Sciences)
  • Hochschule für Musik und Theater "Felix Mendelssohn Bartholdy" Leipzig (University of Music and Theatre Leipzig)
  • Hochschule für Grafik und Buchkunst Leipzig (Academy of Visual Arts Leipzig)
  • HHL Leipzig Graduate School of Management
  • Berufsakademie Sachsen / Staatliche Studienakademie Leipzig (BA Leipzig, University of Cooperative Education)
  • iba Leipzig Internationale Berufsakademie (iba | University of Cooperative Education)

The semester ticket is only valid with a valid student ID and the MDV imprint in combination with an ID card.

This leaflet published by Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsbund provides all information about the MDV semester ticket.

Cost & Payment

The cost for the MDV semester ticket is payed per semester through the obligatory semester fee. It must be paid by all students who have to pay the semester fee when enrolling or re-enrolling at their university/academy.

As of Winter Semester 2019/20 the contract between Studentenwerk Leipzig and MDV is extended for another five years. Since transport with the MDV semester ticket was used much more often than expected and costed out since 2014, a price increase was inevitable.

As a result, the required price increase amounts to 10.00 EUR anually. Starting with the new contract in winter semester 2019/20, Leipzig students pay 135.00 EUR per semester. The amount then increases by 10.00 EUR annually resulting in a total of 175.00 EUR for each semester from summer semester 2024. This corresponds to a monthly ticket price of 22.50 EUR at the beginning of the new contract period and 29.17 EUR at the end. For comparison: The ABO Azubi ticket (a ticket for trainees) for Leipzig (zone 110) from the regular MDV tariff offer costs 40.50 EUR per month.

More information can be found below in the detailed information about the MDV semester ticket and in our regulations.

(MDV = Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund – Central German Transport Association)

MDV Region Changes

From 15 December 2019, the area covered by MDV is extended by trainlines in the regions Anhalt-Bitterfeld, Wittenberg and Dessau-Roßlau city (MDV north). This extension is NOT included in the semester ticket. For travel in the extended MDV area, a valid extension ticket is required from the last stop in the "old" MDV area. Further information on the network extension (in German only) can be found on the MDV website.

MDV Area Map

MDV Zugstrecken

MDV-Vollticket = MDV semester ticket

MDV Semester Ticket Details

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Your valid student card with the MDV validity (im)print together with an official ID document including a photo will serve as your ticket for the whole area covered by MDV excluding MDV Nord. You can use all means of local transportation, including all LVB lines in Leipzig and the commuter trains (S-Bahn), around the clock and throughout the entire semester. The validity always starts from the beginning of the semester of the respective university.

New students: Since winter semster 19/20 students starting their first semester can use public transport one month before the start of the semester. A valid ticket is

  • for first semester students enrolled at Universität Leipzig: your valid student card with MDV imprint together with your ID card (containing a photo) 
  • for first semester students enrolled at one of the other universities/academies in Leipzig: your valid student card with MDV imprint together with your ID card (containing a photo) and a copy of your certificate of enrolment
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Students of the universities/academies listed above, can take a maximum of three of their own children up to and including 14 years of age with them at no additional cost in fare zone 110 (Leipzig).

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Students holding a valid student card (with MDV imprint) can take along their bicycle free of charge in LVB busses and trains on a daily basis (also during the weekend and on public holidays), but only during the time between 7.00 p.m. and 5.00 a.m., provided there is enough space to do so. During the day between 5.00 a.m. and 7.00 p.m. you will need a special ticket (Extrakarte) for taking along your bicycle.

The MDV semester ticket allows you to take along your bicycle free of charge at any time of the day in the local trains within the entire area covered by MDV.

For further information about taking along a bicycle, please refer to the flyer "Fahrradmitnahme im Verbund" (Transport of a bicycle within the area) in the MDV download area at "Informationen zum MDV-Tarif" (Information about the MDV fare).

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Severely disabled people who are entitled to free transportation in local public transport (ÖPNV) in accordance with Sozialgesetzbuch SGB IX (German Social Code) (in possession of the supplementary sheet containing a relevant stamp of validity) and provide adequate proof thereof are exempt from payment. For this purpose, the severe disability pass, the supplementary sheet containing a relevant stamp of validity (Beiblatt mit Wertmarke) and the student card must be presented to Studentenwerk Leipzig for each semester to:

Accounting/ Controlling
Goethestraße 6
04109 Leipzig
E-Mail: semesterbeitrag {{ätt}} studentenwerk-leipzig {{punkt}} de

Pro-rata reimbursement of the fee paid for the MDV semester ticket upon disenrollment during the course of the ongoing semester.

The fee for the MDV semester ticket may be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis if the date of disenrollment is a date within the ongoing semester. In this case, the corresponding application must be submitted in writing to Studentenwerk Leipzig using the relevant form sheet. The certificate of disenrollment must be enclosed in this application. When submitting the application for reimbursement, the student card must be presented to check the imprint (if no student card was issued, this must be communicated). After the imprint has been checked, further action may be required. Pro-rata reimbursement of the fee paid for the semester ticket can only ever be effected for each full month of the semester ticket not being used.

The application for repayment of the semester fee can be found on the page exemption from payment of the semester fee and reimbursement.

Pro-rata reimbursement of the fee paid for the MDV semester ticket when beginning or continuing studies at another university

If students are taking up a new course of study or are continuing their studies at another university, the fee for the MDV semester ticket can be reimbursed on a pro-rata basis. The application for reimbursement must be submitted to Studentenwerk Leipzig in writing using the relevant form sheet. The certificate of disenrollment and/or the confirmation of the waiver of admission to university issued by the respective university/academy as well as the certificate of enrollement of the new university must be enclosed in this application. When submitting the application for reimbursement, the student card of the respective univeristy/academy in Leipzig must be presented to check the imprint (if no student card was issued, this must be communicated). After the imprint has been checked, further action may be necessary. Pro-rata reimbursement of the fee paid for the semester ticket can only ever be effected for each full month of the semester ticket not being used.

The application for reimbursement is to be found under Documents for Download at the end of the page exemption from payment of the semester fee and reimbursement.

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If the imprint on the student ID card is not readble at ticket checks and the ticket inspector therefore rejects it as invalid, the increased transport charge is due according to the general conditions of carriage of the MDV. Students then have the opportunity to present a legible student ID card as a valid travel pass within one week at the service point of the respective transport company, in which case the full increased transport charge of 60 EUR does not apply, but still the reduced increased transport charge of 7 EUR must be paid.

This is a general regulation from the MDV transport conditions, which also apply to student ID cards as travel tickets.

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The MDV semester ticket is a ticket based on the principle of solidarity. That means all students pay a compulsory contribution regardless of their individual need and actual use of public transport. This solidarity principle makes the ticket so affordable for Leipzig students. Further information on the solidarity principle can be found on our webpage The Principle of Solidarity.

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The semester ticket comittee of Studentenwerk Leipzig was heavily involved in the contract negotiations between Studentenwerk Leipzig and MDV. The semester ticket comittee consists apart from the director and employees of Studentenwerk Leipzig, of student representatives of all eight Leipzig universities and academies. The comittee is presided by the spokesperson for sustainable mobility of Leipzig University's Student Coucil.
The semester ticket comittee advises the administrative board on semester ticket matters.

Questions on the semester ticket may be addressed directly to the department for sustainable mobility of Leipzig University's Student Council (mobilitaet {{ätt}} stura {{punkt}} uni-leipzig {{punkt}} de).

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On their webpage (German), Mitteldeutscher Verkehrsverbund is providing the latest information about the fare conditions for the MDV ticket at "Informationen zum MDV-Tarif" (Information about the MDV fare) for reference.

Flyer: MDV Semester Ticket

LeipzigMove for students

With the LeipzigMOVE app, students with a valid MDV semester ticket can also make use of the car and bike sharing services of the public transport system of the City of Leipzig.

LeipzigMOVE combines all Leipzig's mobility offers in one app: the entire public transport system including bus, train and tram as well as bike sharing, car sharing and taxi.
Once they have registered, students can use the app to obtain travel information or book and pay for all Leipzig transport services.

The offers easy.GO and leipzig mobil are now combined in the LeipzigMOVE app.

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LeipzigMOVE provides for the use of car and bike sharing services offered by DB Flinkster and Nextbike, without needing to conclude direct agreements with both companies. LVB is the only contract partner of the LeipzigMOVE user – the effect being more flexibility and less bureaucracy.

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There is no monthly basic fee for a LeipzigMOVE contract, only the incurring costs have to be paid.

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LeipzigMOVE includes favorable daily and weekly car sharing terms. A car in the “Mini” category for instance costs only 45.00 € for full 24 hours, including 100 kilometers, and only 55.00 € on weekends and bank holidays.

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All LeipzigMOVE customers receive 10 free 15-minute bike sharing rides each month. The monthly quota can be used flexibly and is valid in Leipzig. Up to four bikes can be rented at the same time.

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  • All details and bookings in one app
  • Routes with all available mobility offers and prices to compare and select
  • Booking trips, cashless payment, reservation and opening of vehicles
  • Flexible because of short contract duration
  • One monthly bill for all services
  • Mobility stations: all options in one central place

LeipzigMOVE is available for Android and iOS.

For more detailed information, please go to: