Welcome - We are delighted that you have decided to study in Leipzig.

As a student at one of Leipzig's institutes of higher education, you can apply online  for a room in one of the halls of residence. Simply set up an user account and follow the instructions. You will need a study permit or a certificate of enrolment for your application.

With our range of student halls of residence we aim to contribute to creating good conditions for the time you spend living in Leipzig, so that your studies here are a success. The Studentenwerk Leipzig has over 5,200 rooms in 15 residential areas at its disposal. Our student halls of residence vary greatly; they vary in terms of size, location in Leipzig, and in part the level of comfort offered.

Living in student halls of residence offers many advantages: it is easy to meet new people, the all-inclusive rents are stable and university buildings are easily reached by way of public transport.

Living in the halls of residence

Our student halls of residence offer both single apartments and shared flats. The most common type of accommodation is a flat share for two students, in their own rooms, who share a kitchen and bathroom but we do also offer larger flat shares. What is life in a shared student apartment like? In the video, Emma, Kathi, Theresa, Malin and Anna give an insight into their everyday life in a shared flat:

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A glimpse into life in a student hall of residence

Student Halls of Residence, Locations and Prices at a Glance 

Our Student Halls of Residence

All-inclusive Rent

  • basic rent +
  • heating + water + electricity + all other running costs +
  • furnishings including bed, wardrobe, shelving, table, chair +
  • cable/satellite television +
  • internet access 24 hours a day +
  • minor repairs and on-site facility manager +
  • free use of common rooms
  • = rent in student halls of residence

There are no additional charges for running costs!

Development of operating costs

The operating costs in halls of residence have been rising continuously in the past years mainly due to increased electricity, heating, and cleaning costs. The share of renewable energies has drastically risen. Further price-related increases are expected for this year as well.

We try to keep our rents as low as possible despite the continuous cost increase. As we need to operate the student resident halls in a cost-effective manner and cannot compensate the cost increases entirely by savings, we are forced to review the rents regularly and adjust them, if necessary.


Rooms are furnished with a bed, desk/table, chair, wardrobe (sometimes with upper storage) and shelving. Each type of accommodation includes furnished kitchens and sanitary facilities. Unfurnished rooms may also be rented at Mainzer Straße 2a. In addition to internet access (600 GB/Month), in each of the rooms there are connection points for a telephone and for cable/satellite television. Residents are required to pay licence/GEZ fees themselves.

In addition, you almost always have access to:

  • washing machine rooms
  • fitness and other sports rooms
  • baking kitchens
  • bicycle storage rooms
  • music practice rooms (not always)
  • parking spaces
  • student clubs

If you have special needs concerning your accommodation, you can get more information on housing with child(ren) or about studying and housing with a disability. You can also make an appointment with our social counsellors.


Students of the following institutes of higher education, which are all associated with the Studentenwerk Leipzig, can apply for a room in the halls of residence:

Prospective students are required to have at least one admission to a course of studies for their application.