Offers for prospective students

Even before the studies begin our social counsellor Jana Kuppardt provides advice on your questions concerning:

  • Financing your studies
  • Overview on the offers and contact persons of the universities in Leipzig
  • Moving to Leipzig for studying
  • Advice on studying with children
  • Advice on studying with disability or chronic illness

The Department for Grants provides advice on BAföG even before you start studying. It is best to use the open office hours at the BAföG-Service in the Student Service Centre (SSZ), Goethestraße 6, ground floor.  

Important information, offers and contact points of the universities in and around Leipzig can be found on the website studying in and around Leipzig.

As soon as you have a written confirmation from a Leipzig university, you can apply to the Studentenwerk Leipzig for one of our inexpensive, furnished rooms in our halls of residence near the university.

Offers during the course of study

The BAföG service provides an information sheet in Arabic to fill in form 1 of the BAföG-application.

Our social counsellor Jana Kuppardt provides advice in German and English on topics such as financing your studies, right of residence Germany, communcation with authorities and offices, questions about working while studying or your health insurance. She can also inform you on the relevant advisory services offered at the eight Leipzig universities associated with Studentenwerk Leipzig.

The Psychosocial Counselling Service for example advises students in German and English, on difficulties during their studies (fears, stress, doubts), personal or family problems and problems cocearning mental health.

Please also inform yourself about the general services offered by the Studentenwerk, which are open to all students.

Info Events

Interessierte Studierende informieren sich an Infoständen, HTWK Leipzig

The Studentenwerk Leipzig organises an information event for refugees interested in studying at HTWK Leipzig in collaboration with universities and academies in Leipzig and the surrounding area.

In short presentations, participating universities and academies present their study programs, entry requirements and preparation offers like language courses. The Studentenwerk Leipzig informs about financing options and support offers. Moreover, info booths are set up for getting to know the initiatives and to ask questions about the universities and academies. Additionally, current students talk about their personal experiences from the beginning and the duration of their studies.

The following questions will be answered:

  • What do I have to do before studying?
  • What and where can I study?
  • How can I finance my studies?
  • What experiences have other students had?

See the website: Studying in and around Leipzig

Counselling services for refugees interested in studying and students of the Leipzig universities

The first contact point for refugee and international prospective and current students is the International Office or the staff of the respective university entrusted with this task.